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Thank you for an incredible Chili 2018! 
See you February 22nd & 23rd, 2019!

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2019 Band lineup

The Mixtapes The Dirty Saints Ryan Collins Smokey Folk DJ CEO The Pspringfield Psychos and more names soon!

Do you have what it takes?

The BEST IN SHOW winner of 2019’s Chili Cook-Off will qualify to compete in the World Food Championships!

We’ve seen some pretty incredible chili recipes throughout the years of the Cook-Off. At this year’s event, we’re going to send the overall Best in Show winner to the 2019 World Food Championships. Our Best in Show winner will be able to compete in the Chili category at WFC, with the top spot of that category earning $10,000. WFC Chili first place winners go on to compete in the overall category, with the top prize of $100,000! For more info on the WFC, please visit worldfoodchampionships.com.

2018 Chili Award Results

Chili Group #1
1st Place: The Good Life
2nd Place: Sun Solar
3rd Place: Henry's Towing

Chili Group #2
1st Place: 
Ozarks Teen Challenge
2nd Place: Queen City Sertoma
3rd Place: Redneck Nutz

Chili Group #3
1st Place: Business 2 Business
2nd Place: Northstar Battery
3rd Place: Commerce Bank

Chili Group #4
1st Place: Springfield Sertoma
2nd Place: UPS
3rd Place: Mediacom

Chili Group #5
1st Place: Heim Young
2nd Place: Hillbilly Mud Run
3rd Place: U-Haul

Chili Group #6
1st Place: Aaron Sachs
2nd Place: Discount Dave's
3rd Place: Losh Communications

Chili Group #7
1st Place: Springfield Firefighters
2nd Place: Springfield Police
3rd Place: SRC Electric

Chili Group #8
1st Place: Multicraft
2nd Place: Nixon Lindstrom
3rd Place: Midwest Family

Chili Group #9
1st Place: A Podcast from Springfield
2nd Place: Gate of Temple - Masonic Lodge
3rd Place: ARFF


Best in Show: Kung Fu Chili (Associated Electric)

Grand Champion Judges' Choice:
1st Place: 
Heim Young & Associates
2nd Place: Ozarks Teen Challenge
3rd Place: The Good Life Group - Abilities First

People's Choice:
1st Place: Springfield Police Officers Association
2nd Place: Elks Lodge #409
3rd Place: Houlihan's South

Best Booth:
1st Place: Kung Fu Chili (Associated Electric)
2nd Place: Elks Lodge
3rd Place: Springfield Police Officers Association

Best Costumes:
1st Place: Kung Fu Chili (Associated Electric)
2nd Place: Commerce Bank
3rd Place: Classic Lawns

Best Showmanship:
1st Place: Commerce Bank
2nd Place: Kung Fu Chili (Associated Electric)
3rd Place: Elks Lodge #409

Rookie of the Year: Krave

Fattest Fish Bowl (Individual Div.)
1st Place: 
Hillbilly Mud Run

Fattest Fish Bowl (Group Div.)
1st Place: 
Springfield Police Officers
2nd Place: Elks Lodge #409
3rd Place: Business 2 Business

Fattest Fish Bowl (Business Over 50 Employees)
1st Place: 
Associated Electric
2nd Place: Commerce Bank
3rd Place: Central Bank

Fattest Fish Bowl (Business Under 50 Employees)
1st Place: 417 Travel
2nd Place: Classic Lawns
3rd Place: Advertising Plus

Fattest Fish Bowl (Rest. Div.)
1st Place: 
Andy B's
2nd Place: Harbell's
3rd Place: Elks Lodge #409



Thanks for partying with us at the 37th Annual Sertoma Chili Cook Off!
See you next year! #SertomaChili

Every square inch of the Springfield Exposition Center will be utilized to house the largest fundraising party southwest Missouri has ever seen, at least since last year's event. Expect multiple stages of talent and food galore mixed with a few cold beverages.

Stay tuned for updates for 2019!

Frequently asked questions

Where can I purchase tickets?
Tickets are available online and area businesses. Information will be shared for 2019's event as soon as it becomes available.

What does it cost for kids to attend?
Children 5 and under are free; ages 6 and up are full price.

Are there kid-specific activities?
No, there are not.

Are strollers allowed?
No strollers are allowed. Due to the high capacity of the event, we want to ensure safety for all attendees.

For the poker tournament, what does the initial $40 cover?
It covers the first round of game play.

How can I pay for the poker tournament?
Cash and credit card are accepted.

Is there a rebuy option, if so how much and is there a limit to the number of rebuys?
One rebuy at $50. One add-on at $25



ticket prices

Stay tuned for 2019 prices.

Before Nov 16th 2018: $180
After Nov 16th 2018: $200
After Jan 25th 2019: $250

Click for booth registration form.


Click here for sponsorship info.

QUESTIONS? CALL 417.862.9249



Before Nov 16th, 2018: $180
After Nov 16th, 2018: $200
After Jan 25th, 2019: $250


Texas Hold'em Tournament

Charities that will benefit from the Casino portion of the Sertoma Chili Cook Off are Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ozarks and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield Alumni Association.

Friday night is a great time to pre-flight the venue!