Join us for the 36th Annual Sertoma Chili Cook Off! #SertomaChili

Every square inch of the Springfield Exposition Center will be utilized to house the largest fundraising party southwest Missouri has ever seen, at least since last year's event. Expect multiple stages of talent and food galore mixed with a few cold beverages.

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Tickets are only $12 per person if you buy 30 or more. There are two options for those interested in bulk purchasing:

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2.      Take tickets on consignment and only pay for the amount purchased.

If you are interested in purchasing this deal or for more information, please contact
Becky Lucas at (417) 866-8606.

February 25, 2017

11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

Springfield Expo Center

About Sertoma

Helping the Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield Since 1941.

The Sertoma Clubs are non-profit organizations that focus on raising money for charity, primarily sponsoring children charities in the Springfield and surrounding community. The organization is a member of Sertoma Inc. The organization has made great strides in giving back to the community through various activities and has raised and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars. Each club has a set of officers and a board of directors to oversee and guide the club’s activities and pursuits. The word Sertoma is an acronym for “SERvice TO MAnkind,” and the Sertoma Clubs exist for the “high and noble purpose of benefiting mankind at large.”

The Springfield area Sertoma Clubs focus on the needs of at risk youth in Southwest Missouri. Throughout our eight clubs we give on average over $300,000 per year to these causes. For more information on Sertoma, please contact Becky Lucas at (417) 886-8606.


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$15 advance
$18 at door

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